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Saiyajin Generations

The Bardock and Radditz Fan Community

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All Members , Moderated
A community for the fans of the short-lived but well-loved saiyajins of Toriyama Akira's Dragonball Z - Radditz and Bardock. Father and son, both meeting seperate, tragic endings.

Most anything is welcome, in particular URLs to fansites, favorite images, fanart, fanfictions, and doujinshi. Yaoi and het are both welcome, but please remember to use the lj-cut and warn people first - some people are squeamish of such things.

Also make sure to lj-cut if you have more than one image to show, or if the image is particularly large in loading size. The same goes for fics, should you choose to post them here.

Of course, other saiyajins are welcome as well, but for more great saiyajin and DBZ communities, take some time to visit the following -
saiyanobsessed(any and all saiyajins), prince_veggie(The ever-great Vegeta), and dragonballyaoi(DBZ yaoi - you have been warned!)

This journal community is YAOI FRIENDLY. If this sort of thing bothers you, please go somewhere else. That would be the easiest and smartest thing to do to avoid causing distress for yourself or anyone else.

This community is moderated by tengukun. Bardock and Radditz are property of Toriyama Akira and, unfortunately, Funimation, on whom I blame many misplaced lines and the fall of man.